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April 10, 2012

Cube Entertainment, “4minute Just Wants to Express Their Thought Freely…”

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Written by: shindongkyung
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On April 9th, 4minute‘s  full music video of  ”Volume Up was released and placed on top of every online music charts. But suddenly, the few part of the  lyric in  that song was rumored to offend about “how girl groups image are seen at this time”.

In the song, there is a part where they say “throw everything away,” but it sounds like “shut up” in Korean, which made netizens be suspicious.

As Soompi reported, in “Volume Up,” the lyrics go: “You used to dance and smile everyday to my voice. But now you say you don’t want to hear my voice anymore and turn your back”. What they mean to say with this lyric is that girl groups are only viewed as “issue makers” and “attractions” instead of singers/artists.

In the song, “Volume Up,” there is a part it says “Throw everything away.” It means that they don’t care how they are seen, and they are going to keep their unique color as a group despite how girl groups are only viewed as issue makers and attractions to people. However, the next line “Don’t wanna hear it” made “Throw everything away” sound like “shut up” in Korean.

A representative from the Cube Entertainment said, “4minute was just trying to express their thoughts freely through ‘Volume Up.’ They don’t want to be seen as just an attraction, but instead, they want to be seen as singers with a unique character.”

Are netizens misunderstanding again? Tell me about your thought in comment section.

Check out the MV below if you missed it!




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